Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Double Chocolate Pudding Pie

So I've joined this group called Craving Ellie in My Belly. Every week, we try out an Ellie Krieger recipe and share our results.

This weeks recipe is Double Chocolate Pudding Pie. I volunteered to bring dessert to a dinner at a friend's house this week - so I had the perfect opportunity to try it out. Plus, it's been pretty warm around here, so a nice cool pudding pie sounded like just the ticket.

Overall, I thought it was pretty good. It needed a little more crust, and the pie filling itself was a little too gelatinous for my liking. And I've never worked with plain gelatin before - that stuff smells nasty. Like a horse. But I digress.

I will probably make it again, but next time I might use less gelatin and more cornstarch. But for a low fat, healthy dessert, not bad.

And I did try to photograph the pie, but it kept on coming out looking, well, jello-y and shiny. So here's a photo of my son after enjoying a few bites.

He liked it! Really!


  1. That seems to be the consensus: too jell-o-e!
    I love the photo. That wins over any pie pic. any day. Adorable.

  2. I thought the gelatin was super stinky! I didn't want to use it after smelling it. Anyway, I made minis, but have not had any yet. They look good though and I'm hoping to eat them tonight. Welcome to the group, too!

  3. Cute picture! Welcome to the group :)

  4. Yeah, I think the consensus is too much gelatin or maybe even that the gelatin was not necessary. What a precious photo!


  5. What a cutie pie! Better than the real pie:)

  6. Sure looks like he enjoyed it.

    I mentioned before that if the gelatin smell bothers you, purchasing sheet (leaf) gelatin would probably be your best bet (almost no smell) or you could use Agar Agar which is a vegan gelatin-like setting agent derived from plants, it is kind of expensive though.


  7. I agree, this one was a little sturdier than I would have liked, but the chocolaty-ness (is that even a word?) made up for it. I'm glad your family enjoyed it (and who needs a photo of the tart when they have acute kid pic??)

  8. The smell of the gelatin was really surprising to me - I didn't expect it to have a scent at all let alone an icky smell. And, yeah, mine was too gelatinous as well. I really liked the flavor though so I think I'll play with the proportions of the gelatin in the future.